Mayor Topbaş Visits Fatih Municipality

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Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, visited the Municipality of Fatih. Mustafa Demir, the mayor or the Municipality of Fatih, welcomed Mayor Topbaş at the entrance of the municipal building and thanked him for his visit.

Mayor of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş visited the Municipality of Fatih within the scope of the visits to district municipalities after obtaining his certificate of election. Mustafa Demir, the mayor or the Municipality of Fatih, welcomed Topbaş at the entrance gate of the municipal building in Vatan Street. Then both mayors met the employees in the foyer of the municipality.


Topbaş, stating that he would visit all district municipalities, said “I am glad to pay my second visit to the Historical Peninsula, original İstanbul”. Expressing that Fatih residents made their selection in the ballot box, Topbaş congratulated Mustafa Demir who was elected for the third time and restored his trust. Topbaş, saying that their responsibilities increased with the trust and power given for the third time by İstanbul residents, told “We have succeeded many substantial activities in İstanbul and its districts for 10 years. If Turkey and İstanbul are of concern, the rest is nothing but detail. We are priding on advancing to the future as a family of 15 million in this city. Tomorrows of İstanbul and Fatih will be much more beautiful than it is today”.


Mustafa Demir, the Mayor of the Municipality of Fatih, expressed his thanks to Topbaş for his visit and said, “It is highly significant and happy day for us. I am honored to host our esteemed Mayor and our brother of the Metropolitan Municipality who has been elected as the mayor for the third time for İstanbul, the capital city of the world, and who has won the favor in the eyes of İstanbul residents. I would express him my thanks for providing us with this perfect building of which we are under the roof and where we host our guests with honors and provide service to Fatih residents”.

Both mayors and the employees of the municipality have a souvenir photo taken after their speeches. Mayor Topbaş gave the book named “Istanbul Tulips” (İstanbul Laleleri) to Mayor Demir as a gift in commemoration of the visit. Mayor Demir gave the model of Süleymaniye Mosque, one of the symbols of the Historical Peninsula, to Mayor Topbaş as a gift in commemoration of the day.