A First in Fatih History: Mustafa DEMİR is the Mayor for the Third Time

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Mayor of Fatih Municipality Mustafa Demir was elected by the favor of Faith residents as the mayor of the Municipality of Fatih for which he was nominated for the third time.

Mayor Mustafa Demir celebrated the victory of election with the employees of the Municipality of Fatih.

Mustafa Demir, who was elected as the Mayor of the Municipality of Fatih for the first time in 2004 local elections, was nominated after his serving period of 5 years and elected as the mayor in the elections of 29 March 2009 when Eminönü and Fatih were merged under one municipality.

Mustafa Demir nominated once again by General President of Ak Parti and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for the elections to be held on 30 March 2014 at the end of the second period was elected as the mayor for the third time by receiving 49% of the votes of Fatih residents.


The Mayor Fatih Municipality Mustafa Demir firstly met the employees of the municipality after final results of the election and celebrated the victory of election with his colleagues.

Mustafa Demir, being elected again as the Mayor celebrated the victory of election with his colleagues with a cocktail held at the inner court of the municipality.

The Mayor Fatih Municipality Mustafa Demir got on the stage with the applauses of the employees and stated that the election not only determined local governments but also the future of the country was voted and route of the country was determined and he emphasized the importance of the election that was won.

Mayor Demir said ‘We have been serving together with most of you for 10 years for Fatih, the most exceptional city of Turkey and the world. We are beginning a new period today. If God allows, our service time will reach 15 years at the end of this period. 15 years is a long period both for human life and for an organization. We will use this time period for serving Fatih and Fatih residents.

Dear Friends,

We will act sincerely for your concerns relating to humans and places in this way we will walk together from now on and we will struggle to do our job in the best manner. Because, here is the heart of Istanbul, capital of our civilization and crown of the world. Not only the employees here but living here has historical, cultural and social responsibilities.

I believe in your efforts and sincerity in this terms. Fatih residents deeming us for this office for the third time used their presence thanks to the good opinion we created together. With this opportunity I also want to thank the voters of Fatih. I expresses my gratitude to them for voting for the benefit of serving and selecting the stability and I wish the election results will be auspicious for Fatih and our country’.

This success of Mayor Mustafa Demir, who contributed great services for Fatih for 10 years, was riveted with being in first three in the questionnaires held among the municipalities in İstanbul and around Turkey. Works of Mayor Demir such as social municipalism, smart municipalism, restoration, front renewal, road pavement, park and green area has being followed by many local governments in Turkey and around the world.