First Consultation Meeting with the Mukhtars

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Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir has come together with the mukhtar, who were elected or reelected with the 30th March Local Elections, in the first consultation meeting.

Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir has come together with the mukhtars who were elected in the 30th March Local Elections. In the meeting, which took place at the Topkapı Social Facility of the Fatih Municipality, besides the Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, also Fatih District Governor Ahmet Ümit, Fatih Police Chief of the District Özcan Bulduk, Fatih District President for the Justice and Development Party Ahmet Hamdi Görk and the mukhtars of the neighborhood have participated.

Mustafa Demir, who gave a speech at the meeting, started his speech by greeting the mukhtars, who were elected or reelected for the new period, and continued with pointing out that the work of mukhtar is the most crucial link between the citizens and the administrators and that they would solve the problems in the shortest possible time with being in collaboration and cooperation with the mukhtars, just like they have done until now.

Mayor Mustafa Demir, who stated that he walked the streets of Fatih inch by inch during the election campaigns that said: “We have been to everywhere in Fatih and have never once met with negative reaction or behavior. Each time we offered our hands, we have been well received. The attempted framing of the 17th December, has completely failed and our citizens continue to support us. We shall crown this courtesy of our citizens with the best quality services. The mukhtars are more familiar with the problems in their neighborhood. Therefore, many works fall to you, the mukhtars.”

Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir stated that the biggest problem in the district is of safety and security and said: ‘If there is a mukhtar, there should also be a police station. Before, there were police stations and watchmen in the neighborhoods. In every neighborhood, there was a police station. There was peace and tranquility in the neighborhood. The policemen in the police station were known by everybody and they knew the residents. Therefore, the problems of safety and security were at minimum. But once the police stations were removed, the problems of safety increased. For the peace and tranquility of our citizens, we consider this as a big problem. The service quality is directly linked to the safety, the higher our safety is, and the higher the quality and the continuity of our services will be.’

The mukhtars, who took the floor during the question and answer part, wished success to Mayor Mustafa Demir for his new term, and said that they would cooperate with the City Hall for the identification and the solving of problems in their neighborhoods, and they would strive for providing a service of better quality to the citizens.

After the program, the Mayor Mustafa Demir presented a model of the Süleymaniye Mosque to the mukhtars as a gift.