İstanbul has a New Square

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In Eminönü, the section between the Yeni Mosque and the Mısır Bazaar has been renovated and turned into a new square.

With the completion of the works at the area, which lies between the Yeni Mosque, Mısır Bazaar, Flower Bazaar and the Hatice Turan Sultan Shrine, and which was used as a tea garden for a long time, has been transformed from a neglected and miserable place to a brand new square and a recreational area.

İstanbul Deputy Osman Aşkın Bak, İstanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş, Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, Fatih District Governor Ahmet Ümit and the representatives of NGOs and the citizens have participated in the opening ceremony at the Yeni Mosque Square.

İstanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş pointed out that since the opening ceremony day is on a rainy day, this showed how blessed the day was and added:  "It rains, and with the rain the dams are filling up, with God willing, these are signs that İstanbul will not face a water shortage. We are very lucky to live in this city, which has the characteristics of being the world’s centre. İstanbul is a city, which has been a cradle to the ancient civilizations, and living the richness of diversities. We are living in İstanbul, which has been home to many different civilizations and has born the traces of these civilizations on every layer for 8500 years, just like a wedding chest of history. To be in this and to live in this city is a great privilege with all the more difficulties as the privileges. We are, altogether, preparing the future in this city. It has a history of 8500 years, and with us, it is reaching to the future. Previously, İstanbul had a population of 1 million and now has a population larger than the population of 23 countries of Europe.”

Topbaş, who talked about topics from the transportation to the development of İstanbul, thanked Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir and his team for successfully completing the Yeni Mosque square project.

Mayor Topbaş pointed out that the Yeni Mosque square project would bring a new breath to Eminönü and its surroundings, and also announced the good news of Sirkeci pedestrianization project.

Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir said: “This place was in a miserable condition creating an ugly view for the citizens and the tourists, we have started the square project in August 2012 and we have completed it towards the end of 2013.With this square both Fatih and İstanbul has a new square now. I hope that the Yeni Mosque Square shall bring prosperity to our country, our Fatih and everyone who happens to pass through this area”. With the ribbon cutting, the square was opened to the public.

The Historical Yeni Mosque, which is in the Rüstempaşa Neighborhood, falls between the Mısır Bazaar, Flower Bazaar and the Hatice Turan Sultan Shrine, and functioned as a park for long years, but due to the unfavorable conditions created by the tea gardens, which constituted a miserable and desolate appearance, the neglected plants and the functional areas, which have long lost their values, the area had an unfavorable appearance from many perspectives. In addition, taking into consideration the needs of public washrooms and fountains, an esthetical design was created and applied by improving the functions for answering the needs of washrooms, fountains, resting areas and food and drink.

Within the scope of the project, which lasted almost 3 years, other than its use as a park, after the projects board approval for solving the need of public washrooms in the park, the need of fountains in the Yeni Mosque, in addition to the renovations to be carried out on the roads, a central decorative pool, which includes various light and water games, the water falls next to the stairs, a sitting area with shades, green areas for displaying plants, a cafeteria and a functional underground public restroom was built in our park, which has an usage area of more than 5400 m². The Flower Bazaar, which occupied an area in the older use of the park, has been restricted and the officially registered Flower Bazaar structure was renovated by the Foundations.

At the same time with the square project, the restoration project of the Hatice Turan Sultan Shrine, which is next door to the square, has started. With it renovated state, the Yeni Mosque has become the most prestigious area of our region, which is visited by many domestic and foreign tourists, and a place where the trade and tourism is very much alive.

The underground public restroom, which is one of the most functional areas in the park, has a surface area of 300 m². The access to the restroom is through a moving ramp and there is an officer room at the entrance, which ensures a controlled entry-exit to the restroom, and there are in the men section, 1 WC for handicapped people, 5 European-style and 1 Turkish-style WC, a fountain area, a urinal area and the bathroom sinks. In the women section, there are 1 WC for handicapped people, 9 European style and 9 Turkish-style WC, a fountain area, a baby care room and a dressing table. In addition to these, in the restroom there is an a/c unit, a heating and cooling unit, fire control unit, a closed circuit camera system and airplay units.