7 Regions Of Turkey Came To Fatih

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7 Regions 7 Colours Culture and Arts Days” which has been organised for the fourth time this year with the cooperation of Fatih Municipality and Motif Folk Dances Education and Training Foundation (Motif Halk Oyunları Eğitim ve Öğretim Vakfı) carried folk dances of Turkey to Sultanahmet, pearl of the Historical Peninsula.

7 Regions 7 Colours Culture and Arts Days” which has been being held in Fatih Municipality’s stage of Amphitheatre located in Sultanahmet Square started at the evening of Monday, 2nd June. Sultanahmet hosted the folk dances of the provinces Şırnak, Diyarbakır, Gaziantep, Bitlis, Mardin, Ardahan, Muş and Van of the Eastern Anatolia Region and Southeastern Anatolia Region at the first evening of the event. At the second evening, zeibeks of the provinces İzmir, Bodrum, Fethiye, Denizli and Muğla of the Aegean Region were on the stage. Folk dances of the provinces of Kırklareli, Üsküp and Bursa of the Marmara Region and İstanbul’s Çiftetelli dance made those who filled the amphitheatre at the third evening experience an unforgettable evening.


At the fourth evening of the event which starts every evening at 19.30 and in which people of İstanbul show great interest, folk dances of the provinces Ankara, Silifke, Anamur, Burdur and Antalya of the Central Anatolia and Mediterranean Regions will meet those who are interested. At the evening of Friday, 6th June which is the final day of the event, a folk dance team will carry the colours, motifs and tunes of the provinces Trabzon, Tokat, Hemşin, Artvin and Ordu of the Black Sea Region to the stage.


Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Fatih Municipality said that folk dances had the characters of the seven regions of Turkey, told about the emotions of peoples of the regions and were cultural identities which displayed the colours in their lives. Demir stated; “The Historical Peninsula makes İstanbul stand out as different among cities of the world, with the artefacts and historical heritage of different civilizations. The purpose of “7 Regions 7 Colours Culture and Arts Days” which we have been organising for four years in the heart of İstanbul, Fatih, is to stake out a claim on our cultural heritage which makes us different among world nations and to keep it alive. We bring the folk dances of the 7 regions of Turkey together with people of İstanbul via our event which we have been organising for four years. Foreign tourists who are guests at the Historical Peninsula get to know our folk dances closely and show great interest.