Holiday is Enjoyable at Summer Sport School

absmiddle Yazdır   -A | A+ 25.06.2014
Year 2014 season of Summer Sport Schools of Fatih Municipality were opened with a ceremony held at Mimar Sinan Stadium. Speaking at the ceremony, Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Fatih Municipality said; "Our children of Fatih will relieve tiredness at our summer sport schools; they will discover their talents while doing sports. They will learn the importance of team spirit and sharing."

Children who were going to receive education and their parents attended the opening of Summer Sports School of Fatih Municipality which has been providing enjoyable summer holidays to children in the district for 10 years. Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Fatih Municipality was welcomed with intense applause as he entered the stadium. Children, whose happiness could be told from their eyes, thanked their Mayor, who had provided that opportunity for them, and had many photographs taken.


Mayor Demir gave attention to each one of the little sportsmen who started trainings at Mimar Sinan Stadium. Appealing to the children in the speech he made, Demir mentioned the privilege and importance of being the children of Fatih district in which civilizations race. Stating that as Fatih Municipality, they had been providing serious services for children in the field of sports and education for 10 years; Demir said that children would relieve themselves of their exhaustion at summer sports school after intensive education period. Demir said: "Every year we provide our children an enjoyable holiday at our summer sport schools. Our children do sports, discover their talents and learn the importance of team spirit and sharing. Our children become happy at our summer sport schools. Having them experience this happiness makes us happy too."

A total of 1500 children between the ages of 6-14 will receive sports education in football, volleyball, basketball, swimming, table tennis and chess this year at Summer Sports School of Fatih Municipality. Additionally, they will improve their talents with painting and drama; have an enjoyable summer with educational games and outdoor trips. The students will receive education in three groups; being morning-noon-evening. The educations will be given at Yavuz Selim Middle School, Gazi Religious Middle School, Gelenbevi Anatolian High School, Yedikule Anatolian High School, Cundi Life Centre, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Balat Facilities and Fatih Municipality Mimar Sinan Stadium free of charge.