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Çatladikapi Recreation Facility

Istanbul is an enormous historic city. And Fatih is at the heart of it. Uniting sea with nature and nature with history in the historic peninsula, there is Çatladıkapı.

We wanted to present diverse emotions to our guests accompanied my diverse tastes right at that location.

We are a recreation facility and we aim to remove boundaries in service. We set out to bring in a new meaning and vision to the concept of recreation facility. Thus we assumed it our duty to expand our horizon in every area from menu varieties to decoration, taste to every other area and present services. At Çatladıkapı Recreation Facility we present many diverse tastes from Mexican cuisine to Italian cuisine, from French cuisine to Ottoman cuisine to residents of Fatih and Istanbul while also we present unique tastes of Turkish cuisine and Anatolian hospitality to tourists that come to visit our country from all across the world. That is why, we built a team of professionals all specialized in their areas and who consider visitors as guests instead of customers.

Our facility has a 420-guest capacity wedding and seminar hall, two winter cafes with 100-guest capacities each, one summer terrace restaurant with 150 guest capacity, and summer terrace cafe with 300 guest capacity. Because all our tables have a view of the sea and secluded from traffic, etc. noise creating a peaceful space for our guests. The garden in our facility is covered with wrought iron framed glass which gives guest families the freedom to leave their children in the garden and enjoy themselves in peace of mind. Also there are 2 parking spaces with a total capacity of 150 cars dedicated our guests free of charge.

We suggest our first time guests at our facility is to try tastes such as liver fry, Chinese pastry, çökertme kebab, çatladıkapı, Sultanahmet meatballs, Kayseri style manti (Turkish Ravioli) in oven, semolina halva with ice cream filling, and chocolate volcano. Fresh fish caught in sea or raised in farms are also among tastes to be recalled. Also mini feasts from desserts, different flavors of ice cream, and types of coffee, fresh fruit juice are also presented to our esteemed guests in our cafe. Our facility at Kennedy avenue, Sirkeci shore road, across Sultanahmet junction (next to oil station) opens at 08:00 a.m. with breakfast service and closes at 11 p.m. I would like to thank all our guests that pay much attention to our facility and support us on behalf of myself and my team.

Address: Kennedy Avenue Sirkeci Shore Road across Sultanahmet junction (next to oil station)

Contact and reservations: 212 517 34 82 - 212 516 01 40

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