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Topkapı Recreation Facilities

Topkapı Kaleiçi Recreation Facilities: Established at the historic Istanbul, the Walled City that remains in borders of Fatih Municipality in our day. Our municipality conducted recreation and landscaping works on this area in Topkapı where Land Walls intersect with Millet Avenue known as the Walled City. Now this verdurous space presents services for weddings, meetings, and invitations in its historic fabric and two different concepts with its professional team and special menu varieties.

Topkapı Kaleiçi Recreation Facility is full of memories where you can witness history. There are open-closed restaurant and summer garden cafe areas. /1st Garden Cafe has 400 guest capacity /2nd Garden Cafe has 500 guest capacity. These are decent and spacious open air venues that are ideal choices for summer months to organize you dream wedding, meeting, and corporate activities. There is also a playground for 4-10 year-old children in our facility.

SUMMER GARDEN: One of the select locations in Istanbul, our facility is a decent venue of life and history. The restaurant section of our facility presents various menu options while its summer garden cafe is a separate recreation ground where our guests can relax and unwind in spring and summer months. You can enjoy having some tea with your friends and find some peace in the historic walled city.

CAFE: The garden is open to service in spring and summer months in our facility (summer-winter). Its cafe offers appetizer varieties, hamburgers, toasts, hot and cold drinks. Also esteemed Istanbulites can enjoy with their families a tasty breakfast on the garden and continue with alternative dishes involving amazing tastes enjoying rich green environment with a fresh breeze.

WINTER GARDEN: For your weddings turning your dreams into reality, business dinner meetings, every organization and activity, in historic Byzantium city walls you can find high-quality and diligent service at Topkapı Kaleiçi Recreation Facility. Our facility has two garden areas. 1st Garden has a capacity for 400 guests / 2nd Garden has a capacity for 500 guests. Its open areas and location at city center makes it a decent venue to access for you and your guests.

PLAYGROUND: Our playground suitable for 4-10 years-old children is one of the areas they will enjoy in our verdurous historic facility.

PARKING SPACE: We have a 70-car capacity parking space for the activities and organizations you can organize at our facility.

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Address: Topkapı Mahallesi Topkapı Kaleiçi next to İ.E.T.T Bus Stops Fatih

Telephone: (0212) 523 08 98

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