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Mehmet Ergün TURAN

He was born in Istanbul in 1967. He is originally from Trabzon.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree on Civil Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, he was engaged in commercial activities in foreign trade and construction industries for several years.

He executed engineering and application processes of various projects.

In 1999-2005 period he acted as Technical Deputy Mayor of Güngören Municipality, Member and President of Public Works Commission of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), and Member of Council of IMM.

In 2007-2009 period he assumed duty as Assistant Vice President of IMM Council and in 2009-2014 period as Deputy Chairman of AK Party at IMM Council.

On April 18, 2014 he was assigned as the Chairman of the Housing Development Administration of the Republic of Türkiye (TOKİ)). During his TOKİ chairmanship he was engaged in activities on urban planning and urban culture, traditional/local architecture, Turkish housing, Anatolian settlement culture, Istanbul and Walled City of Istanbul, local government and development models in the world.

Adopting “sustainable city”, “human scale and human centered settlements” understanding as the basic architecture-engineering principles, TURAN developed an understanding that prioritized horizontal and local architecture, based on neighborhood culture and absolute quality and pioneered construction of over 200 thousand qualified housings all around Türkiye while also leading the development of People’s Garden projects that brought a fresh breath of air to all our cities, starting from Istanbul.

He quit his position as Chairman of TOKİ on November 30, 2018 to present the experience he gained in public and local administration to Fatih that is the heart of Istanbul, and its residents.

On March 31, 2019 elections he was elected as Mayor of Fatih from the AK Party.

During his five-year term a sustainable urban development understanding was realized in Fatih on the basis of reinforcing ties families and individuals have with the city and increasing quality of life of people from every walk of life while using public areas and accessing municipal services.

All physical and social needs of the district was planned with culture starting from brand projects adopting values of the past while building Fatih of the future; a difference was created with youth, family, and environment investments. Especially the new generation libraries and sports centers established in this period came forward as venues where equality of opportunity materialized.

Important steps were taken to protect and sustain cultural heritage and the most inclusive restoration efforts were undertaken at the Grand Bazaar that is among symbolic structures of the Walled City of Istanbul and the Yedikule Citadel that had been standing idle for a long time. Mosques, madrasahs, water structures, mausoleums, cemeteries and monumental buildings were repaired and restored. Thanks to urban rehabilitation projects undertaken at regions covering historic protection areas, city gardens that created their own brand value were constructed. City wall neighborhoods that had been problematic neighborhoods were supported with reinforcements and turned into center of a safe, healthy, quality life. The rate of green space in the district had a record increase of 41%.

Mehmet Ergün TURAN was once again elected as Mayor of Fatih with local elections held on March 31, 2024.

He is married with four children.

Personal website: https://www.ergunturan.com.tr

https://www.fatih.bel.tr/tr/main/pages/fabim/65 https://www.fatih.bel.tr/tr/main/pages/fabim/65
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