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About Fabim

Fatih Municipality Communications Center (FABIM) is the communications model that combines and uses computer technology and phone infrastructure, ensuring all residents of Fatih can contact the Fatih Municipality correctly and under equal conditions.

FABIM registers all requests, wishes, and complaints from residents of Fatih and classifies according to their subject before referring them to 26 directorates of municipality together with other public institutions and organizations.

How to Access FABIM?

Through Call Center

0 (212) 453 1453 hotline is used by FABIM. Personal information of residents that call this number and their application are registered to the system by operator. Application is forwarded to the relevant unit based on its subject and the process is monitored by FABIM to give feedback to the applicant.

On website (www.fatih.bel.tr)

Forms filled out on FABIM page accessed by clicking on FABIM button on www.fatih.bel.tr page are registered on system. The application is forwarded to the relevant unit after registry and the process is monitored by FABIM to give feedback to the applicant.

On Fatih Mobile

Residents can send all their requests, suggestion, and complaints on Fatih Mobil application downloaded on mobile devices.

Write to the Mayor with the Application Form

With the Write to the Mayor online form on our website and the Write to the Mayor QR codes in our service buildings.

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Akşemsettin Mahallesi (Hocaüveyz Mevkii) Adnan Menderes Vatan Bulvarı No: 54 Fatih - İstanbul

Tel: 0 (212) 453 1453 Fax: +90 212 453 14 83 • e-mail: fabim@fatih.bel.tr

https://www.fatih.bel.tr/tr/main/pages/fabim/65 https://www.fatih.bel.tr/tr/main/pages/fabim/65
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