Cankurtaran Social Facilities

Address: Ahırkapı, İskele Sokak, No: 1 Cankurtaran, Fatih, İstanbul Telephone: 0212 458 5414-15 Email:

Cankurtaran Social Facilities

Fatih, the Historical Peninsula, is what comes to one’s mind first when İstanbul is the discussion. Cankurtaran Social Facilities of Fatih Municipality are located in one of the most beautiful corners of Fatih side to side with history and nature. With a nice view of the sea and the Bosphorus, our facilities serve all residents of İstanbul with the rich menu, quality service and cheerful stuff they offer.

The historical architecture, free car park, tea garden and children’s playground in these facilities, your tea will taste even more delightful. Our facilities have two a la carte rooms for 120 people in summer and 180 in winter with a view of the sea. We invite residents of İstanbul to enjoy our rich menu by the sunset. This nice corner, which has hosted sultans and kings of İstanbul throughout history, is waiting for you, the true owners of İstanbul.

Our facilities offer service 7 days a week starting from 08:30 in the morning. The menu includes fish, meat, barbecue, special dishes, olive oil dishes and a selection of desserts. We are waiting for you to drive away your stress and exhaustion. 
To enjoy your fish while watching dolphins, the naughty children of Bosphorus, make sure you visit Cankurtaran Social Facilities of the Municipality of Fatih.


A total number of 15 people work in the kitchen of Cankurtaran Social Facilities.

The Open Garden

Cankurtaran Social Facilites offer an open garden with seating groups, a pool and shades. Here, our guests can wait until their tables are set or take a walk and get their desserts and drinks from our self-service cafeteria.


The cafeteria of Cankurtaran Social Facilities Social Facilities is a self-service one. Our guests sitting in the seating groups can buy a toast, pizza or hot and cold drinks from here.

The Set-Top

The set-top, which is available in spring and summer, has a capacity of 75 people and offers the complete menu. Ideal for breakfast and dinner, the set-top has a complete view of the sea.

The Winter Room

With a capacity of 250 people in total, the winter room is the main section of the restaurant. It is suitable for crowded meetings and can be used for dining while watching the sea by opening the windows in summer.

Car Park

Our car park is free to use and open to our guests. It has a capacity of 60 vehicles. 

Children’s Playground
Our playground is suitable for children of 4 to 10 years of age.


Cankurtaran Social Facilities offers unlimited service for your special days and invitations with its 45 cheerful personnel, and interior space for 250 people and exterior space for 75. 
You can hold activities such as meetings and corporate events for 20 to 300 people in our social facilities. If desired, our rooms are available for rent in return for the cost of use.

Group Menus

We offer group menus for groups of 20 or more people. Comprising of soup, salad, main dish, dessert and beverage, these menus can be arranged with different main dish choices. Our reservation team will present you with a quotation in accordance with the number of people in your group and your needs.


You can receive information form our telephone line, 0212 534 0101 for all your reservations. The Facility Management will assist you for group reservations, meeting organizations and other dinner events.