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Karagümrük Square Fountain Regained its Water

Karagümrük Square Fountain was at Hırka-i Şerif Neighborhood was cleaned in the scope of repair and maintenance works.

29 January 2024
Karagümrük Square Fountain Regained its Water

The Fountain is situated at Hırka-i Şerif Neighborhood, at the junction of Karabulut Street and Karagümrük Meydanı Street. There is no information on construction date and builder of the fountain as it has no epitaph. Its pointed arches and rumi palmets on its capstone suggests that the fountain was built in the 16th Century. The artifact that historic maps refer to as square fountain is known to be removed from its original location and moved to the corner of the street right behind. Its facade is visible at the area its was moved. The cut stone packed fountain has pointed arches that repeat each other while there are marble stone slabs and two bowl niches inside the arches. There are empty rectangular inscriptions on the niches on both facades. Rumi decorations on the inscription cover the fountain from one side to the other. The fountain was cleaned and regained water.

https://www.fatih.bel.tr/tr/main/pages/fabim/65 https://www.fatih.bel.tr/tr/main/pages/fabim/65
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