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Piristû Sultan Fountain Regained Its Water

Detailed cleaning and strengthening works have been carried out within the scope of the restoration of Piristû Sultan Fountain. The fountain has been made operational again by installing a water system.

27 November 2023
Piristû Sultan Fountain Regained Its Water

Piristû Sultan Fountain is located in Mevlanakapı Quarter, opposite the Bâlâ Süleyman Agha Complex Mosque. It was commissioned to be built by Piristû Sultan in 1896 for the soul of Bâlâ Süleyman Agha, the first founder of the complex. The fountain was placed in the left corner of the building, which served as the dervish chambers of the lodge at the time it was built, but is now used as a primary school building. It consists of a ornamental slab with an engraved inscription, and two water troughs in front of the fountain. The marble surfaces of the fountain have been cleaned with appropriate chemical and mechanical methods, the necessary strengthening works have been carried out and the inscription has been varnished. The basin and trough parts of the structure, which were filled with soil, have been unearthed and the missing parts have been restored with original materials. The fountain has been provided with water by installing the water system.

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