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Seats of FCAC were Reserved for Children Slaughtered in Gaza

Gazzeli çocuklar, 20 Kasım Dünya Çocuk Hakları Günü'nde Fatih Kültür Sanat Merkezi'nde anıldı. Gazze'de şehit edilen çocukların isimleri salonun koltuklarına yerleştirilerek çizgi film gösterimi yapıldı.

20 November 2023
Seats of FCAC were Reserved for Children Slaughtered in Gaza

District Municipalities of Istanbul are organizing a series of activities including many cultural activities such as conferences, interviews, theater play and movie screenings, concerts, panels, poetry recitation, contests, and symposia between November 20th – December 30th, 2023 titled “Humanity’s Test of Honor: Gaza” in order to capture attention to the genocide that has been continuing in Gaza since October 7th. The first of these activities was organized on World Children’s Day. Calling for attention to the occupation where children are massacred or orphaned, the municipalities came together for innocent children that are massacred in Palestine and especially in Gaza and organized a joint activity for the martyr children. The Municipalities made a simultaneous screening of the cartoon titled “Foal” at empty halls carrying names of martyred children at culture centers in 25 districts. Fatih Municipality organized this activity at Fatih Culture and Arts Center. No viewers were accepted from the outside to the screening where all seats carried names of children massacred in Gaza.

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