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Ayşegül COŞKUN

Ayşegül COŞKUN

Director of Health Affairs

Graduated from Fatih Girls’ High School in 1991 and started Istanbul University Veterinary School in the same year. Received her undergraduate degree in 1996 and started working as Veterinary at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Veterinary Affairs in the same year. Between 2005 and 2012, she worked as Managing Director at a food producer company. In 2013, she returned to work in the public sector and started to work as Department Head of Training at IMM Directorate of Health and Sanitation. While she was working as Department Head of Home Care and Vector Control she transferred to Fatih Municipality in September 2020 and continues to serve as Director of Health Affairs.

Directorate of Health Affairs

The Directorate presents primary healthcare to officers and their dependents in the scope of occupational health and safety, while also conducting scanning training and information efforts under various public health consultancy services. The directorate transfers patients that need to be transferred. Examination of persons that die in the district are conducted by the Directorate of Health Affairs. Marriage and infectious disease examinations are conducted by the directorate. The directorate repeatedly disinfects open and closed areas in the district and meets needs of stray animals and animals at Yedikule Animal Shelter under the Municipality.

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