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Director of Financial Services

Received his undergraduate degree from Anadolu University Department of Management. On September 26, 1983 he started working at Eyüp Municipality which was a branch of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality as collecting agent. After districts were separated from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 1984, he transferred to Fatih Municipality following local elections.

Between 1994 and 1999, he served as Department Head of Collections, between 1999 and 2005 he served as Director of Expenditures. Since March 2005, he has been serving as Director of Financial Services.

Directorate of Financial Services

Performs all actions regarding revenues and spending, financing, accounting, and financial affairs of the municipality together with procedures and activities that requires follow up at other public institutions and organizations. Directorate of Financial Services collects taxes and dues on time and ensures revenues and receivables are collected in line with the law and in legal time. The Directorate is responsible for payment of expenditures to beneficiaries; checking, storing, delivering to concerned people, sending guarantee letters expressed in monetary terms and registering and reporting all other financial procedures. The Directorate prepares financial statements timely, correctly, in line with basic accounting concepts and accepted budget and accounting principles, in the framework of international standards and in a way to meet information needs of management and other relevant persons and form basis of final account; ensure effective performance of decision, control and accountability processes. Directorate of Financial Services performs its work and procedures in line with the law, responsible against senior management, and presents services emphasizing public satisfaction. Directorate of Financial Services performs its duties to fulfil procedures and works of citizens and shareholders correctly and in the shortest possible time, present information to taxpayers requesting information, complete their procedures in the shortest possible time, conduct all works and processes in line with legal procedures in force, create a regular and orderly work environment to increase contribution of employees to total efficiency, ensuring taxpayers are satisfied with municipal services.

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