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Serhat YAKAR

Serhat YAKAR

Director of Technical Works

Received his undergraduate degree from İstanbul University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering.

Between 2005 and 2007, he worked as construction manager at companies making road, infrastructure, and superstructure constructions; between 2007 and 2009 he worked as Site Engineer at Pendik Marina and Mall construction project, and as Site Engineer at Okan University campus construction.

He started working as a control engineer at Fatih Municipality Directorate of Technical Works as of January 2010. In April 2016, he was assigned as Director of Technical Works. He is still performing this duty.

Directorate of Technical Works

The directorate spends an increasing amount of effort every year to undertake projects making roads and infrastructure facilities more functional, designing and realizing projects suitable to historical structure of Fatih. With restoration efforts realized to this aim, existing historic structures are revealed. Coordinating activities of other public institutions active in our area on issues that fall into our area of responsibility is necessary to address and monitor malfunctioning and to ensure quality and continuity of services. Thus, directorate continues increasing cooperation with infrastructure institutions (BEDAŞ, TELEKOM, İGDAŞ, and İSKİ), aiming to increase its quality of service. Fatih is an old residential area where there are many uninhabited buildings. The Directorate of Technical Works demolishes such buildings due to their dangerous structural conditions and special circumstances regarding security based on board decision towards demolishing. The Directorate of Technical Works surveys existing road and infrastructure network all around Fatih, conducts road arrangement, lightening, repair, maintenance, and modifications of public buildings, construction and restoration of family health centers, information centers, recreation facilities, sports halls, and libraries.

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