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Fatih Municipality's Waste Works Receives Another Award

The projects implemented by Fatih Municipality with the motto of "Prepare for the Future with Zero Waste" has received another award. Fatih Municipality’s Zero Waste Training Center and Recycling Workshop were deemed worthy of an award in the category of "Waste Management" at the Sustainable Business Awards held for the ninth time this year.

20 October 2022Fatih Municipality's Waste Works Receives Another Award

35 awards were given in 15 categories as a result of the evaluation of the jury members consisting of Turkey's leading academics in the field of sustainable business at the Sustainable Business Awards, which was held for the ninth time this year to share role models for the business world by emphasizing the business models and projects that embrace our common future. Zero Waste Training Center and Recycling Workshop, one of the exemplary recycling works of Fatih Municipality, was deemed worthy of an award in the category of "Waste Management".

Fatih Erol, the Operations Manager, received the award of Fatih Municipality together with his teammates at the "Sustainable Business Awards" ceremony held at Fairmont Quasar Istanbul with the slogan "Transformation is Possible Together". Making a speech after receiving the award, Fatih Erol said: “It is an honor that one of our projects, which we have realized to become a leading municipality in zero waste, with the support of our Mayor Mr. Mehmet Ergün Turan, is recognized as a sustainable model. I would like to express my gratitude to our teammates who contributed. As Fatih Municipality, we will continue to work with all our strength to take the environment-oriented municipality understanding further.”


14 groups of waste are accepted at the 1st Class Waste Retrieval Center, where Fatih residents can both bring their wastes and participate in workshop activities. Children have the opportunity to learn how recycling products are sorted and what kind of processes they are subjected to at Fatih Municipality 1st Class Waste Retrieval Center that maintains its activities with the aim of increasing the awareness of 'Zero Waste', and they become aware of the importance of recycling's contribution to the environment in this way.
In the simulation room, the adventure of zero waste is told through cartoons and documentaries with visuals selected according to the age range of our guests. After the presentation, the existing zero waste works and waste collection points in our district are conveyed to the participants in detail, along with their questions and the topics they are curious about.

In the compost section of the center, compost can be produced in 24 hours with our compost machine, which has a daily volume of 200 liters. By utilizing the machine in which the enzyme used is completely domestic production, the compost adventure is explained to the guests in the most efficient and memorable way for awareness and education purposes.

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