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Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın Gathered with Young People at Fatih Central Library


Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın gathered with the young people at Fatih Central Library, shared his experiences and answered their questions.

Many young people attended the event hosted by Fatih Mayor Mehmet Ergün Turan. In his opening speech here, Turan said that Fatih Municipality always attaches importance to information and that it has become a door leading to information for young people with the new libraries it has built. Stating that İbrahim Kalın was an important guest for the event with his knowledge and experience, Turan thanked him for honouring the program.

Presidential Spokesperson Kalın emphasized the historical importance of Islamic civilization and Anatolian wisdom and made recommendations to the youth. Referring to Israel's attacks on Palestinians, Kalın said: “I would like to express that we strongly condemn the events that took place in Masjid al-Aqsa. I would like to underline that Masjid Aqsa and Jerusalem are our red lines, as our President has stated”. Kalın stated that there is some confusion about the right and good life with the modern period and said: “What separates us from the object is our awareness of our existence. We have a chance of a good life. We need to be aware and conscious of this. A good life is not only material, of course, material needs are also important, but people need more than that. If the person believes that he is the most honourable of all creations, he should try to establish a common life style with reason and virtue”.


Advising young people to add different knowledge in different fields to their features, Mr Kalın said: “You will speak a universal language in a globalizing world. You can only do this by incorporating different knowledge into yourselves. It is also part of our culture for a person to reach the level of competence. Besides medicine, Ibn-i Sina also has a command of logic, philosophy and metaphysics. He saw them as a whole, not a contradiction. Improve yourselves with an interdisciplinary perspective”.


Stating that there are tremendous opportunities for our young people in our country and significant progress has been made in the last 20 years, İbrahim Kalın said: “Take advantage of these opportunities to the fullest. Persevere, but don't be overambitious. Ambition consumes you, but perseverance takes you step by step towards your goal. Know well where your feet are landing”. The program came to an end after İbrahim Kalın answered questions from the young people.

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