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Youth Projects of Fatih” opened with the participation of our President Mr. Erdogan


Our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has officially opened the projects that Fatih Municipality has implemented in the field of education and sports for young people in a short period of approximately 2 years.

Fatih Municipality's "Youth Projects of Fatih", including 13 libraries, 5 sports centers, 3 sports halls, an academy center, science center, public garden and Zeyrek Academy, where projects are developed for the protection of cultural heritage, has been officially opened with a special ceremony held with the presence of our President. With the projects implemented, Fatih has managed to become the common meeting point of approximately 140,000 young people every month with a total of 13 libraries, two of which are children's libraries, and education and sports centers.

Honoring the opening program, our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan congratulated Fatih Mayor Mehmet Ergün Turan and his team, who brought 13 libraries and sports centers to the district, and said: “It is pleasing to know that more than 120,000 students benefit from 13 libraries and youth and sports centers every month, and that our youth use these centers intensively. The fact that Zeyrek Academy offers a wide range of education opportunities from Ottoman Turkish to miniature readings, the fact that a place for studying and thesis support is provided to master's and doctoral students in Davutpaşa Madrasa and that young people engage in stimulating activities are results of the admirable works. Unfortunately, we did not have such opportunities in our youth. We were trying to read and study wherever we could find. There was also an uneasy atmosphere caused by ideological conflicts. Despite this, I was making an effort to understand our country with its history and culture. You are very lucky in terms of financial infrastructure and technological opportunities, but it is also true that these opportunities also distract you and make your job difficult. If the internet media is not used moderately, it contains the threat of being swallowed by it like a swamp. In general, we have started to make serious regulations in the field of internet mediums, especially social media. We have initiated these activities to protect the future of our citizens and youth.


No matter how widespread digital media are, they cannot and should not replace the world created in a book. We want our young people to stay in touch with real life while making use of the internet and social media. Make sure to spend time regularly for sports every day, and never neglect the socialization brought about by mutual conversation in the company of a cup of tea or coffee. Beginning from the nearest cities, try to see our country and, if possible, different places in the world and discover cultures. I hope that the libraries, youth centers and sports halls of our Fatih municipality will once again be beneficial to our entire Istanbul, especially our Fatih, and I congratulate our Mayor Mehmet Ergün Turan and his team once again.”

Fatih Mayor M. Ergün Turan said the following in his speech at the opening program: “The number of our libraries, which we have equipped in the comfort of a warm home, has reached 13 in a period of two years. Fatih Central Library, where we are currently carrying out our program, is one of the highest capacity libraries in Istanbul with a capacity of 400 people. Our libraries have a capacity of 1800 people and 150,000 books in total. The number of students coming to our libraries in a month is over 120,000. The number of students with 'Suriçi Card' is 68,800. I believe that we have created an ideal library model with a peaceful environment, comfort and high brand value. An average of 800 citizens a day were using the municipal service building we are in. With a new perspective, we have established our Central Library here without any leasing. We host an average of 1800 young people per day in our library, which provides 24/7 service. We become happy when we see through the smiling eyes of the young people and when we read from the messages of parents full of praise that we are on the right track. I would like to thank our President for honoring our program with his presence, our Ministry of Youth and Sports for their unwavering support, our Ministry of Industry and Technology and all institutions and individuals, and I warmly greet our young people who dream for our country and our future.”

After the speeches, our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, connected to the Cerrahpaşa Library and Davutpaşa Madrasa live, and cut the opening ribbon with the youth in each venue.

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